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世界のクリスマス&新年(Happy holidays in the world)

We spent a wonderful Christmas night with wonderful guests. Sohon Se, a cooking instructor from Taiwan, Naoko Tanase, a representative of a cooking school called “Niki’s Kitchen” and Sohon’s relatives from America. We talked about Happy Holidays in the world.

今週は、2010年最後のMy Eyes Tokyo!というわけで、たくさんの人たちと一緒に、スタジオで聖なる夜を過ごしました。先週もお越しいただいた、Niki’s Kitchenで台湾中華料理を教えているソホンさん、この番組には2回目のご出演、Niki’s Kitchen主宰の棚瀬尚子さん、そして何と、台湾への経由地として日本に来た、現在はアメリカ在住のソホンさんのご親戚の方々、総勢5名の方々がスタジオに遊びに来てくれました。日・米・台・露の4カ国・地域の首脳(?)が一堂に会し、世界のクリスマス&新年のお料理や過ごし方を語り合いました。

Tanase told us about a South American Christmas dish called “tamale”. Sausages, meats, eggs and vegetables are steamed in a leaf wrapper – that’s a tamale.
In Latin America, people make big donuts called “rosca de reyes” and they implant a pottery doll in each donut on January 6. They eat it one by one and a person who bites a doll has to prepare tamales for people on February 2.


In Taiwan, they have almost no particular Christmas dinner, but restaurants serve many kinds of Christmas menus. Then people enjoy Chinese New Year (in 2011, February 3) much more than Gregorian New Year. Originally January 1 is the National Foundation Day of Republic of China and they consider January 1 is a continuation of Christmas.
A typical New Year dish in Taiwan is fish. Taiwanese people think there is luck in fish. They bake it until it becomes firm on New Year’s Eve (*in 2011, February 2) and they eat on New Year’s day (February 3).
They have toshi koshi soba (year-end noodles), too. But their noodles are a little bit different from Japanese one. They eat chow mein (pan-fried noodles). I didn’t know that at all.


As for Sohon’s relatives. They’ve been living in the US for a long time and Carol (At right in photo above) is an American-born woman. So they eat typical American Christmas dinner, such as bread- or vegetable-stuffed turkeys, hams, mashed potatoes and pies. But on the other hand, they’re immigrants from Taiwan so they have both American dishes and Chinese dishes on Christmas night.

そして、ソホンさんのご親戚。長年アメリカのテキサス州にお住まいで、中でもキャロルさん(写真右)はアメリカ生まれアメリカ育ち。なので皆さんご存知のアメリカンスタイルのクリスマスディナーをいただくそうです。七面鳥の丸焼き(パンや野菜などの”スタッフィング”を詰め込んだもの)またはハム、マッシュポテト、そしてデザートにはパイという感じです。でも、台湾からの移民ということもあり、食卓にはそれらのような”This is America!”のようなディナーと一緒に、中国の麺料理も並ぶそうです。

In Russia, they often make vegetable- or rice-stuffed chickens. Where she comes from, Siberia, people don’t often eat turkeys. She guesses that turkeys don’t like the cold.
On New Year’s Day, they eat dumplings like Chinese jiao-zi. Are those pelmeni?


Christmas Day will be gone soon. Best wishes for a happy new year and see you again at 7PM on January 8, 2011!




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