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台湾のクリスマス!(Christmas in Taiwan)

Today we had a Santa Claus from Taiwan as a guest. Sohon Se, one of the teachers of “Niki’s Kitchen”, who’s been teaching “Taiwanese-Chinese cuisine” to Japanese women since 2008.
She is a very popular teacher. As soon as the info about her class is uploaded onto Niki’s homepage, it’s booked up. Also when she held a jiao-zi class, as many as 100 students tried to join! That’s why she had to have jiao-zi classes many times in a row until students that were on her waiting list finish to learn.

In Taiwan, kids exchange Christmas cards with each other and adults want to spend a Christmas time with men/women. That’s really similar to Christmas in Japan! The day of December 25 is the national holiday in Taiwan (Constitution Memorial Day) so people horse around on Christmas Eve.

BTW, Sohon’s specialty is “Taiwanese-Chinese cuisine”. She underlines “Taiwanese-” because it’s different from the Chinese dishes in Mainland China. Immigrants from the mainland brought their food cultures to Taiwan and those mixed with native Taiwanese dishes and Japanese cuisine (Taiwan was a Japanese colony from 1895 until 1945). Then “Taiwanese-Chinese cuisine” originated and developed over the centuries.

Sohon san will be at our studio next Saturday, too, with Naoko Tanase, a representative of Niki’s Kitchen. We’ll talk about Christmas & New Year menus in the world, so don’t miss it!

Sohon’s class (Dec.11, 2010) ソホンさんのクラスの様子(12月11日)

今週はMy Eyes Tokyoクリスマス&新年特集第2弾、知っているようで知らないかもしれない、台湾のクリスマスについてお送りしました。ゲストは台湾からやってきた、とっても明るいサンタクロース、セ・ソホンさんです。ソホンさんは先週のサバリ・ムットさんと同じ「Niki’s Kitchen」でお料理の先生をされています。とっても人気の先生で、オンライン上に”予約開始”のお知らせをアップした瞬間に予約が埋まってしまうほど!餃子のクラスを開いた時は、100人ものキャンセル待ちが出てきたくらいの人気なんだそうです。




とっても明るくてユーモアたっぷりのソホンさんは、来週もスタジオに遊びに来てくれます。しかもNiki’s Kitchen主宰の棚瀬尚子さんも、超多忙の中お越し下さいます。テーマは「世界のクリスマスディナー&おせち料理」です。どうかお聴き逃しなく!

Ginger & milk pudding ジンジャーミルク蒸し

☆ Sohon’s recommendation for Christmas dessert; Ginger & milk pudding (for two) ☆
2 tablespoonfuls of ginger juice, 2 egg whites, 200-cc milk, 2 tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar
<How to make>
1. Mix milk and sugar, then add egg whites.
2. Strain “1” through a filter paper (called “dashi pack”) then add ginger juice.
3. Prepare 2 small bowls and pour “2” into them. Then cover them with plastic wraps and steam at low heat for about 10 minutes.

<材料> ショウガ汁大さじ2、卵白2個、牛乳200CC、グラニュー糖大さじ2
1. ミルクとグラニュー糖をよく混ぜてから、卵白を加えて混ぜ合わせる。
2. 1.をだしパックで濾す。それにショウガ汁を加えて混ぜる。
3. 容器を2つ用意し、2. をそれぞれに入れる。ラップして弱火で10分ほど蒸して、できあがり!



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