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インドのクリスマス!(Christmas in India)

Today we had a guest from India. Savari Muthu, an Indian restaurant chain owner who runs three restaurants in Tokyo (Okubo, Shinjuku-ku) and Chiba. He told us about “Christmas in India”.
You may be confused, like “How do I associate Christmas with India?”. Actually I also thought that.
今週はMy Eyes Tokyoクリスマス&新年特集第1弾として、新宿区大久保と千葉市内で「ムット」というインド料理レストランを3店舗経営している、サバリ・ムットさんをスタジオにお招きしました。

Entrance of his second branch.2号店入口

I got to know about Muthu on the website of “Niki’s Kitchen”, a cooking school which foreigners teach their home-style dishes at their homes. When I was looking at Muthu’s page, attractive wise words jumped out at me.
“You may associate Hinduism with India, but I’m a Christian. Therefore I can cook anything including beef, pork and chicken.”
“That’s interesting!” I felt so and sent a mail to Naoko Tanase, a representative of Niki’s Kitchen, to ask her if I could have Muthu as a guest. Tanase san said YES and provided a bridge from me to him, and then my request was OK’d.
私がムットさんを知ったのは、以前もゲストにお呼びした”外国人の自宅でその国の家庭料理を習える”がコンセプトのユニークな料理教室「Niki’s Kitchen」のホームページでした。何気なくムットさんのページを見ていたら、こんな言葉が私の目に飛び込んできました。
これは面白い!と思った私は、早速Niki’s Kitchen代表の棚瀬尚子さんに連絡し「ぜひムットさんに”インドのクリスマス”についてお話ししていただきたいんです」とお願いしました。その申し出を快諾して下さった棚瀬さんが橋渡しをして下さったおかげで、このたびムットさんにゲストにお越しいただけることになりました。

In India, Hindu is predominant as you might guess. And Christian is the third-most populous there (Muslim is second behind Hindu). Christians in India attend Christmas Mass with their families around the time when the date changes to Christmas Day. After that, they toast with coffee or tea (if you want to drink, you can do it outside).
Then they give Christmas presents to their family members and neighbors. Even if their neighbors are Hindu or Muslim, Christians in India say “Merry Christmas!” to them and give presents. And they receive things from their neighbors in return on the days of their festivals.

Muthu san said, “We go beyond creed. We’re like brothers.” I remembered the last week’s talk with Rabia Tanaka, who manages a Russian cultural circle called “Teremok”. It welcomes anybody no matter who you are and no matter where you are from. I held hope that it wouldn’t be impossible for us to live in peace with those who have different backgrounds.

Lunch meals. Each includes a glass of drink (Left) Lemon rice meal (right) Parota meal

BTW, you’ll have chances to have Muthu’s Christmas dinners from December 23 through 25! He’ll prepare special meals for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Those cost ¥2500 (including 1 drink and a Christmas present from Muthu san) & ¥3,500 (including all-you-can-drink and a Christmas present). So go to “Muthu” near JR Okubo Station with your families, friends or lovers. Hopefully I also will be there… with a girl 🙂


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