人がつながる場所(Where people connect with each other)

For our first session in December 2010, we had a woman who’s been a good friend of Ekaterina’s for more than a decade as a guest. Rabia Tanaka, an organizer of a Russian language & cultural circle called “Teremok” in Matsudo, Chiba Pref.
12月最初のMy Eyes Tokyoは、エカテリーナさんのお友達をお呼びしました。千葉県の松戸市内で”テレモーク”というロシア語・ロシア文化サークルを運営している、田中ラビヤさんです。

I saw her for the first time at a venue of Ekaterina’s kimono show on November 9. After the curtain, Ekaterina’s friends and fans rushed to her and Rabia san was one of them.
She ran to Ekaterina, hugged her and took some photos with people. I was just looking at a series of her moves without talking to Rabia san. I wondered who that energetic woman was.

私は当日、スタッフとしてエカテリーナさんのニューアルバム『夢』の販売を手伝っていましたが、 ラビヤさんは満面の笑顔で、私の隣にいたエカテリーナさんのもとに駆け寄り、抱き合い、そしていろんな人を交えて記念撮影をしていました。結局その時は、私はラビヤさんとは一言も言葉を交わしませんでしたが、その一連の行動の素早さや人々を気遣う優しさ、人を元気づける笑顔に圧倒された私の脳裏に「この人は、一体どんな人なんだろう?」という思いがよぎりました。

I asked Ekaterina who she is some days later. Then Ekaterina told me that we should have her as a guest because her idea is very similar to ours. She’s held parties and events with many kinds of people including Russians, Japanese and other foreigners so far. That’s why Ekaterina asked her to appear on our show.

それから数日後、私はその疑問をそのままエカテリーナさんに伝えました。すると彼女は「あの人、すごくMy Eyes Tokyoのコンセプトに合っている人だよ。ロシア人とか日本人とか関係なく、いろんな人と一緒に、ロシア語を教えたりパーティーを開いたりしてる。だから、ぜひゲストに呼びましょう!」と言って、その場でラビヤさんに電話をかけ、エカテリーナさんが出演交渉をしてくれたのです。

BTW, let me tell you what the name of her circle means. “Teremok” is a Russian fairy tale which is familiar to every single child there. Rabia san told me about its story very gently like a mother.


A frog found a tiny house. He loved it very much and invited many beasties there. One day a bear came to a house and asked them if he could join. He tried to enter there but tore it down. Then everyone built a bigger house and lived in harmony with each other… That’s a skeleton of Teremok.


*Click and learn about Teremok more! → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCzmUR9Ad8I

Rabia san and her friend organized Teremok in 2005 to build a trading post where anyone can enjoy spending time like animals in the story of the Russian fairy tale. Japan is a foreign land for foreigners including Russians and they tend to suffer from isolation. Rabia san was no exception.
Also she felt much distress at increase in number of suicide victims and stay-at-homes in Japan. So she brought many Japanese into her circle as well.


*テレモークのフォトアルバム(Photo album):http://www.terem-teremok.jp/photosalon.html

Then a Russian language class started in 2006. Students study the language while having some tea, coffee or snacks, but they learn its grammar very seriously for the Russian language certificate exam. They have a 4-hour lesson every Saturday. You’ll be welcomed even if you are not Matsudo residents.

そうやって2006年に始まったのが、ロシア語教室です。紅茶やコーヒー、お菓子をいただきながらリラックスした雰囲気で勉強しつつ、しっかりと文法も勉強してロシア語検定試験への対策もします。1回につき4時間の授業を、毎週土曜日に行っています。松戸の住民でなくてもVery Welcome!だそうで、中には松戸市民ではないけど月謝の安さやラビヤさんのキャラクター、そしてテレモークの雰囲気に惹かれて、毎週電車に乗って授業に来られている生徒さんもいました。また、ロシア語試験の4級に受かった生徒さんのために、盛大なパーティーも開いていました。生徒さんたちは、とっても楽しそうでした。

Rabia san said, “I’m like a ‘glue’. I feel happy when I find people connect with each other at Teremok.” She doesn’t like to call attention to herself. What she wants to do is to entertain others or to get them excited.


That’s why Rabia san hesitated to come to our studio a little bit. But she said OK finally because she thought that her stories would be able to reach lonely people. But she doesn’t mean that she wants you to come to Teremok. She wants you to find places “like” her group if you feel lonely.


If you get interested in Teremok, send an e-mail to suzi☆lily.sannet.ne.jp. (When you send a mail, replace ☆ by @)

連絡先については、http://www.terem-teremok.jp/index.htm の下の方、「ロシア語教室のお知らせ」の項目をご参照下さい。


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