How to save on electricity & Where to travel(あなたの節電対策&この夏の脱出先は?)

Now it’s summer! Fortunately (not fortunately for people who’re involved in agriculture) it’s not so hot, but are you doing anything to save on electricity? Tonight we revealed the result of a poll which was conducted on Facebook the end of this May. We asked you “Any suggestions for saving electricity and staying cool this summer?” We’re so sorry to keep you waiting.

私たちMy Eyes Tokyoは、まだ暑くなる前の5月末にこんなアンケートを取りました。

Look at the result of our poll (As of May 31, 2011) on Facebook here!

*We found some interesting answers such as… 面白い答えもいくつかありました!
Pranayamaya yoga breathing. プラナヤマ・ヨガ呼吸法!
● Volos Greece.., which means “Go to Greece”? : )「ギリシャに行く」っていうこと?やってみたいけどできない〜〜!!


<How to save on electricity *As of July 19, 2011 7月19日現在 皆さんの節電対策>
● “I’m doing the same that I usually do to save power. Turning off lights and appliances when I’m not using them. I don’t usually use my air-conditioner, so I keep doing the same. (Petra Laptiste from Canada, the founder of “Tokyo Trinbago” the world’s largest Japanese-English blog about Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.
● “I’ll use most of electrical appliances after 10 o’clock so that high energy consumption activities should be done after the peak.” (Swiss woman)

Note; Our staff says that using the “Dry” function on the ACs instead of “cooler” wouldn’t be effective on saving energy very much.


<How to get relief from the heat 暑さから逃れるために、どこに行く?>
● MET’s recommendations are(My Eyes Tokyoのおススメ!)
1. Going to “Iwate Ginga Plaza” in Higashi-ginza. (東銀座の「いわて銀河プラザ」に行く)




Tokuhashi got some drinks there. 岩手県産の飲み物を買ってきました!

100% fruit juices are from Appi Highland. Mineral water is from Kamaishi, the devastated area in Iwate Pref. Those are perfect for summer so buy them and support quake-stricken areas!

2. Going to the Unesco World Heritage Site. 世界遺産に行こう!
Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture, was registered as a World Heritage Site on June 26, 2011.

3. Joining “Morioka Sansa Odori Festival”! 「盛岡さんさ踊り」に行ってみよう!
It’ll be held from August 1 (Mon) until 4 (Thu). Look at this for more details.




● Poll result (As of July 19, 2011) アンケート結果(7月19日現在)
・Going to Malaysia, the hotter place! もっと暑いマレーシアに行く!
・Sending the answer from Greece! 今、ギリシャからメールしてま〜す!
・”I’ve been to Chicago, Miami, Caracas (Capital of Venezuela).Those were really good places!”

… You envy them?
It’s not necessary to do that. Because we’ll have a big event for you this summer! Yakatabune, monja, all-you-can-drink are waiting for you!! It’ll be held on August 14 (Sun). For more details, look at

この夏はどこへも行かず東京にいる、という皆さん(徳橋も含めw)うらやましく思う必要はないんですよ!だってほら、僕らにはMy Eyes Tokyoがこの夏派手にお贈りする”屋形船イベント”がありますから!詳しくはこちらをご覧下さい。ビール飲みまくりましょう(笑)

Note; If you have no Facebook/Twitter account, send us a mail to to sign up for the event.
もしフェイスブックやツイッターのアカウントをお持ちでない場合は、 に参加申し込みの旨をお伝えいただけると幸いです。



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