Giving a helping hand to children in Tohoku!(東北の子供たちに愛の手を)

Do you remember the project called “Tohoku Shine On! Cycle Challenge“? 3 foreigners cycled from Tokyo to Sendai (about 380km) and raised more than 1 million yen for kids in the quake-stricken areas in Tohoku.
They donated contributions to a foundation called “Tyler Foundation”. Today we welcomed Kimberly Forsythe, president of the foundation, and heard how they spent the donation from them.

*Tyler Foundation:

It’s been supporting children in Tohoku since 3.11 Earthquake occurred. Surprisingly, the 3 foreigners from Tohoku Shine On – Steve, Ray & Paul – brought money to the foundation and then Tyler Foundation moved to support children in the Tohoku Region (Actually we thought the opposite. We thought that they donated money to the foundation because they wanted to support its activities in Tohoku).

Hit the play button above and learn how they give a hand to kids in the devastated areas. And you can donate to them through the internet from here!
Kim will tell you “What’s the Tyler Foundation?” next week. Let’s learn more about the cause of their activities!



この基金は、3月11日の東日本大震災以降、東北地方の子供たちの心のケアに取り組んでいます。しかし意外なことに、タイラー基金が東北地方の子供たちのサポートに動いたのは、3人の外国人 – スティーブさん、レイさん、ポールさん – が基金に寄付金を持っていったのがきっかけでした(私たちはその逆、つまりタイラー基金の活動を支援するために寄付をしたと考えていました)。



★Note 1★
We told you about My Eyes Tokyo’s first event on Yakatabune! Click here for more details. We hope to see many of you!
今夜お伝えした、My Eyes Tokyo初イベント@屋形船の詳細はこちらをご覧下さい。皆様のお越しをお待ちしています!

★Note 2★
Today we talked about “Light Up Nippon”, the project to light up the Tohoku coast. Then we’re happy to inform all of you that the Light Up Nippon Committee has set up a donation account with PayPal and credit card from outside Japan! Check their English website at to make your donation! Let’s help bring the light back to the Tohoku area!

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