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Giving birth to a baby amid the aftershocks (地震と出産)


We welcomed Mohamed Omar Abdin, a visually impaired person from Sudan again this week. He is the head director of CAPEDS (Committee for Assisting and Promoting Education of the Disabled in Sudan), a Japan-based non-profit organization which supports the education for the disabled in Sudan.
Now he has a Sudanese wife and a newborn baby girl. She was born on March 25, 2011… which means she came into the world right after the huge earthquake. We were still amid the chaos so it was really difficult to deliver in Eastern Japan.
So what did they do? Hit the play button above and hear his story of giving birth. He talks in Japanese but Maya translates his words into English in between.

By the way Sudan, his homeland, will be divided into two parts and “Republic of Southern Sudan” will be born on 9 July 2011. His organization will hold the seminar the day before the division to look at the effect of  the emergence of new country on the Sudan region. Abudin will talk on this topic there.

*CAPEDS’ official website: http://capeds.org/english.aspx

At his seminar セミナーにて(July 8 2011 7月8日)





*CAPEDS 公式HP: http://capeds.org/


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Home > 未分類 > Giving birth to a baby amid the aftershocks (地震と出産)

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