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“Fly-back-jin” from Sweden.


Have you heard the word “fly-jin”? It was coined by foreigners on Twitter, which means “gaijins (foreigners) who flew out of Japan after the disaster on March 11 due to circumstances beyond their control”.

But fortunately, there’re also people coming back to Japan because of the disaster. Tanja Sobko, a very lovable Swedish woman. She’s a nutritionist and used to live in Japan for more than 2 years until 2009. She flew back to the country after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, because she loves Japan and Japanese people very much.

Then she held the charity cooking classes in Tokyo and donated about 50,000 yen to the victims. Please listen to her heartwarming interview and hopefully you feel there’s a really supportive international community in Japan!

If you want to know more about Tanja… Click http://www.myeyestokyo.com/aboutus/interview/pg78.html

*Provided by Naoko Tanase (Representative of Niki’s Kitchen)


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