Information on 5/28 (General)

★ Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information ★
 (Information Regarding Medical Care)
“HIMAWARI” provides information about medical institutions in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area such as the names of hospitals, addresses, medical departments, days on which medical treatment is provided, hours of consultation, details of treatment supported, transportation access, etc.
 (They have staff who speak foreign languages)
*Languages: English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish
*Information is provided FREE of charge.
In case you cannot find a hospital when you are ill or injured, you can contact the:
Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center (Tokyo-to Hoken Iryo Joho Center)
Information about medical institutions as well as about the medical and health insurance system in Japan are provided by their staff  who speak foreign languages.
*Languages: English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish

 ★ Emergency Translation Services ★
Interpretation service through phone is also available for foreign patients visiting a hospital if their treatment is not going to be carried out smoothly because of language difficulty. (for medical purpose)
Weekdays… 5:00PM-8:00PM
Weekends and Holidays… 9:00AM-8:00PM

*Languages: English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish
(Support in English available)


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