Information on 5/28 (For Chuo-ku residents)

★ Emergency Medical Treatment ★
Emergency medical treatment is available at times when general hospitals or clinics are not open, such as on Sundays, national holidays, or night time.

*You can use the “Emergency Translation services”
Phone: 03-5285-8185
(5PM-8PM on weekdays, 9AM-8PM on weekends & holidays)
In Case of Emergency: 
Medical Treatment on Holidays and Saturday evenings. 

① For Internal Medicine and Pediatrics  
○ Chuo City Holiday Emergency Medical Clinic     
○ Nihonbashi Holiday Emergency Medical Clinic     
○ Kyobashi Holiday Emergency Medical Clinic  

② For Dentistry  
○ Chuo City Holiday Emergency Dental Clinic      
○ Nihonbashi Holiday Emergency Dental Clinic 

③ For Pharmacy  
○ Chuo City Holiday Emergency Pharmacy      
○ Holiday Emergency Pharmacy  

④For Emergency Hospitals 
○ Kobikicho Hospital 
○ St. Luke’s International Hospital 
*Support in English is available at St. Luke’s International Hospital.


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