Let’s invigorate Japan & Chuo City! Part1(2012年、盛り上げよう日本&中央区!Part1)


We’ll introduce people or companies that are tackling with the invigoration of Japan & Chuo City. The 1st guest of this series is Atsunori Tanaka, president of Connect-One Ltd.


He manages a website called “Japan Style.Info“, which introduces Japanese traditional products – recently it deals with subculture such as animation characters – and provides a wide range of information regarding Japan to the rest of the world. He said that the information which he provides must be unique, not like major information on the news website. Moreover, its staffs updates website twice or three times a day!
田中さんは、日本の伝統文化からサブカルチャーまでの幅広い情報や商品を紹介・販売する「Japan Style.Info」を運営されています。田中さん曰く、主要メディアが伝えないユニークな情報を発信、しかも1日に2~3回更新されているそうです。


JAPAN Style – Introducing cool Japanese items and culture EVERYDAY! via kwout

And its Twitter account has 10,000 followers!! ツイッターでのフォロワーも、何と1万人を超えています!


Mac Lover (japan_style) は Twitter を利用しています via kwout

He started this project in 2009. But why did he start it? That story is very interesting, so listen to his voice by hitting play button above!
「Japan Style.Info」は2009年にオープンしましたが、そのきっかけになったのは何でしょうか?大変興味深いエピソードです。このページのトップにある再生ボタンをクリックしてお聴きください。


BTW, Tanaka calls himself “Heppoko Shacho” (Quack president)!! It sounds funny, but he seems to think that seriously. He said he tends to compare himself to others. And he thinks they are much more brilliant than him.
However we thought that he is really, really bright and humble through the interview… seriously.


Now Tanaka wants Japan Style.Info to be a kind of “shared possession of the nation”. It means that he wants more people to be involved in the project in order to provide more information regarding Japan to the rest of the world.
So now he’s looking for bloggers or writers who provide info regarding Japan in English.
And if you want to sell your products overseas, he’ll be a big help for you! He said that he wants to invigorate Japan with everybody.
Also  he’ll introduce unique services such as applications for iPhone that are created in Japan to the rest of the world.

田中さんは今、Japan Style.Infoを「私たちだけでなく、皆さんとの共有財産にしたい」と言います。つまり、もっとたくさんの人に関わってもらい、日本に関する情報をもっと海外に伝えたい。そして、海外に自分の製品の販路を開拓したい方の手助けもしたい。そして海外向けに日本のユニークなサービス、たとえばiPhoneの面白いアプリなどの紹介もしていきたい- これらで日本を元気にしていくことを、今後の田中さんおよびJapan Style.Infoのミッションに据えるとのことです。

If you’re interested in those, please contact Japan Style.Info at http://www.japanstyle.info/contact ! ← これらの取り組みに興味ある方は、こちらのURLからコンタクトフォームに進んでください。

Next week, we’ll have a manager of a cutting-edge space in Nihonbashi, which would change its traditional atmosophere, as a guest. Don’t miss it!

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