This Is My Life Part1(これが私の生きる道!パート1)


Arlene and Maya are back to studio tonight!


And we had one more wonderful girl! She is Mari Hamada (her nickname is “Hamamari” so we called her like that).

Hamamari manages her own website called “Nadeshiko Voice” which contains interviews with active women abroad, mainly live and work in Asia. She’s interviewed more than 70 women both in Japan and overseas, even though she started the project last June. That means she talked to about 70 women only in 6 months!


We asked her what made her tick. She said, “I wanted to know how I would be able to work abroad. That’s my motivation.” Before she opened the website, she looked for the information regarding
working in strange lands. She could’t find anything, so she started to find women who build their carriers by themselves both in Japan and foreign countries.


She’ll go to Southeast Asia this March and interview people there. Maya recommended her mother who manages some bakeries and restaurants in the Philippines as an interviwee! She’ll join us again next week and talk about what she learned through the 70 interviews.


MET’s new SNS called “metters” has been launched! It connects people through Bukatsu, or club activities, which means you can find or gather people who have the same/similar hobbies or interests.



You can create any kind of club. Our show also has the club called “My Eyes Tokyo Radio Club“. We would like you to join it if you are interested in talking on the radio or sharing your activities around the world via MET radio. Of course you can join us if you love our show! Then hopefully we would like to see you!

この番組のクラブもあります。”My Eyes Tokyo Radio Club” です。ラジオで話してみたい人、自身の活動を世界中に広めたい人、そしてもちろんこの番組が好きな人、ぜひ部活にご参加ください!そして、近いうちにリアルに会いましょう!

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