Unexpectedly popular Japanese stuffs in the world!(これが世界で人気の日本商品!?)


We had Elizabeth Ishiyama, who’s been providing Japanese products & services to the rest of the world for 8 years, as a guest tonight.

She’s always looked for the “unique” items that are available only in the place where she is. Those are really popular in the world, but we would like to tell you the unexpectedly popular goods that you might be surprised at.

Firstly, a cupper brass plate which sits in the ground in front of Hachiko Statue in Shibuya!

If you go with a large piece of washi (Japanese paper) and use a black crayon, you can get a really spectacular impression. Those are so popular among people who’ve been in Japan.

Secondaly, an “ema” board. Elizabeth sends a blank ema board to the customer and he/she writes his/her wishes on it. She receive it and hang it in a shrine. She takes a photo of it and send to a customer. People pay for that service!

Other than those, items regarding bento (lunch box) and Japanese traditional candies are ever-popular, she says.

How about anime goods? – she doesn’t deal with them because; 1. Those are not so unique because those are sold all over the world. 2. Most of anime fans are young and they don’t really have money. 3. Anime market is too small.

And she says there are tons of jewels in a certain area here in Japan. That’s the next week’s topic so don’t miss it!
では、エリザベスさんが今注目しているJapanese Productは?番組の一番最後でも少し話していますが、それが来週のテーマです。もう一人、素敵な方をお招きしますので、どうぞお聴きくださいね!


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