Promoting the charms of Japan Part1(日本の魅力を世界に発信 Part1)


We talked about “Spread whatever you want across the world” last week. And My Eyes Tokyo held the event called “Open Mic Night” the following day. Thank you very much for coming in to join us!


*当日の熱いトークバトルの様子はこちらから。You can watch the session on Ustream from here! *only in Japanese.

Then now it’s November. Leaves will begin to turn red soon. Autumn color of leaves are very beautiful, so we would like to discuss the “promoting charms/beauties of Japan to the world” with you for a few week.
We told you the things that Japanese people want to promote and ones that are attracted by foreigners. Are there any differences between those two groups?


Here’re the results of our survey.
My Eyes TokyoのFacebookページやメールで行ったアンケートの結果をご紹介しましょう。

<What Japanese people want to promote to the world. 日本人が紹介したいモノ>
1. 食(Food)
2. 伝統芸術/芸能/工芸品(Traditional art/entertainment/crafts)
3. 自然(Nature)
4. 建築物(Buildings)
5. アニメ/マンガ(Anime/manga)

<What foreigners are attracted to. 外国人が惹かれるモノ>
1. Travel & Hiking in Japan(日本国内の旅行やハイキング)*ユーザーが追加した選択肢 Facebook users added this option.
2. People(人)
3. Traditional arts/crafts(伝統)
4. food(食)
5. Night life(夜遊び)*ユーザーが追加した選択肢 Facebook users added this option.

I expressed my view on the radio a little bit, but how do you think about these results? Also what should we do for promoting Japan to the world?


Cultural Day in the Philippines フィリピンの”文化の日”
November 3 was the “Cultural Day” in Japan. But there is the Cultural Day in the Philippines, too! It’s not a national holiday and its date differ from school to school, but all school kids learn the cultures of each country. Students introduce not only their culture but also other cultures, and they do waring ethnic costumes! They have to learn a lot about each cultures so it’s a very good chance for them to learn about foreign countries. Arlene did it at a local private school and Maya did it at an international school in Manila.
On the other hand, I (Tokuhashi) don’t have that kind of experience at all in Japan. My Eyes Tokyo wants every school in Japan to provide an opportunity to get familiar with diversity to children in Japan.

方や日本生まれ・日本育ちのドメスティック野郎の徳橋は、学校でこのようなことを話し合ったことはゼロです。My Eyes Tokyoとしては、日本の学校でもこのような試みをもっともっと行ってほしいな〜と勝手に思っております。

Mikimoto Pearl’s Chiristmas tree ミキモト・ジャンボクリスマスツリー
 Christmas tree (Dec. 2010) 去年のクリスマスツリー。

A Christmas season is around the corner. How time flies! And a big Christmas tree is highlighting the street of Ginza soon! Mikimoto Pearl will put up a 10-meter-high Christmas tree in front of their headquarters at Nov.12 (Sat) and it’ll be lit up until Dec. 25 (Sun). A tree-lightning ceremony will start at 4:15PM on Nov.12 and kids’ gospel group will sing Christmas songs.
Mikimoto is located near Ginza 4-chome Crossing, in front of Matsuzakaya Department Store (It’s also close to the Apple Store Ginza).



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