Inspired Green Living from Japan Pt2(日本のエコを世界に発信 パート2)

We had Reina Otsuka, an evangelist of Japanese eco-friendly lifestyle, as a guest. We heard from her why she established Ecotwaza and her future dream. Hit the player button above and listen to her voice. Also read her interview article on My Eyes Tokyo website!
She wants Japan to be the country where attracts people from all over the world. That’s exactly the same as our goal…
今週も、先週に引き続き日本のエコの伝道師、株式会社エコトワザ 代表取締役の大塚玲奈さんをお迎えし、会社立ち上げに至るまでの経緯や、これからのビジョンや夢をお聞きしました。

So we hope we would be able to work on a project with her someday!

●All about Reina & Ecotowaza…
My Eyes Tokyo Interview w/ Reina Otsuka

●ラジオでは語り尽くせなかったこと、まだまだたくさんあります!『My Eyes Tokyo』大塚玲奈さんインタビュー:

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