Inspired Green Living from Japan Pt1(日本のエコを世界に発信 パート1)

We’ve talked over “What’s your favorite Made-in-Japan product?”. We asked only non-Japanese people about their favorite Japanese products, and their answers varied. But the most popular thing was “Food/cuisine”, then “Anime/Manga”, “Clothes”, “Electronics”, “Traditional crafts”, “Traditional performing arts” and “Cars/Bikes” followed.

先週は、日本/海外問わずNon-Japaneseの方々に「あなたの好きなMade in Japanは?」というテーマで広くアンケートをいただきました。その結果「和食」がトップに入り、以降「アニメ・マンガ」「服」「電気製品」「ゲーム」「伝統工芸」「伝統芸能」「車・バイク」と続きました。

But I think there is something Japan should be much proud of. That’s “Nature”. Nearly 70% of the land in Japan is mountains and forests and there is a long tradition of nature worship here. Also our ancestors had overcome many natural disasters and they cultivated how to live with nature.
That means Japanese should have their particular view of nature, or the “Japanese eco-friendly lifestyle”. There is a young Japanese woman who’s been transmitting it to the world. Reina Otsuka, CEO of “Ecotwaza”, which can be called a “missionary” for Japanese eco-friendly way of life.


Otsuka got a company started in 2006, during her career with Recruit, a classified advertisement, publication and human resources company in Japan. And she started to devote herself to her own company in 2007. Magazine publication was her starting point, not online. That’s kind of unusual for a young entrepreneur.
Then she opened an Internet shopping site, which sells eco-friendly products made by Japanese craftsmen or alternative energy such as wind-power generation.

大塚さんは2006年、リクルート在籍中に会社を立ち上げ、2007年にエコトワザに専念。今の若い起業家には珍しく、出発はウェブではなく雑誌でした。それから2008年に、日本の職人さんの手によるものや、風力発電など代替エネルギーを使った環境に優しいMade in Japanの品々の海外向け販売を開始しました。

Otsuka introduced you to some goods. First of all, “Naked Pan”. It’s made from Nambu Iron, which is mined in Iwate Pref. in the Tohoku Region. That pan is totally uncoated (that’s why it’s “Naked”) and you can cook much better by using it!

番組の中で、いくつか商品をご紹介いただきました。まずは「Naked Pan」。

Also now they have “Acrylic scrubber” as a feature. it was made by the earthquake victims in Miyagi Pref. Otsuka went to the devastated areas and held workshops to share how to make it with victims. Then Otsuka bought tons of scrubbers from victims and sold.  Small, cute & colorful scrubbers are really popular among people across the world. Each scrubber has a name tag .


*Article of “Hana Project”, which is for bridging the quake-stricken areas and us :

Ecotwaza deals with products that are created by well-established companies in Chuo-ku! Tenugui (facecloth) created by “Chikusen” in Nihombashi. It began operation in 1842, about 170 years ago.


Thank you very much for listening, and please join us again next Saturday! Otsuka will join us again. She’ll talk about her life story and what she (& Ecotwaza) is aiming at.


*eco+waza Online Shop -Japanese Eco-Products Store-


eco+waza magazine(雑誌「エコトワザ」)


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