Sending love from Ginza to Tohoku through curry!(銀座から東北へ、カレーで愛を届けよう!)

We had a Hawaii-born Japanese American guy who has been supporting the earthquake victims from the heart of Chuo City. Glen Hikari Onodera, a manager of “Il Solito”, cafe in Ginza 6-chome.

今週は、銀座から被災者支援を行われている日系アメリカ人の方をゲストにお招きしました。銀座6丁目にあるカフェ「Il Solito」(イル・ソリト)を経営している、グレン・光・小野寺さんです。

Glen’s cafe is located inside the 59 year-old bar called “TARU”. Glen manages the cafe there and it turns into the cool bar in the nighttime. Glen serves curried rice meals for lunch.



It’s really mild, not too spicy and of course really delicious! Then it sells for ¥500 including salad and a small cup of soup. Incredibly reasonable! Moreover, they serve it with coffee to the victims for free!



Il Solito didn’t exist on March 11, 2011. Glen was at another bar in Ginza which he was involved in. Moreover his wife is from Iwaki, Fukushima Pref, where is one of the devastated areas so he has been there many times since before March 11. Also he volunteered at the Ajinomoto Stadium, designated evacuation site which is located in the suburb of Tokyo, to support the evacuee from Tohoku.

震災が起きた昨年3月11日は、まだ「Il Solito」はこの世に存在しませんでした。その当日は、グレンさんは銀座6丁目にある、ご自身がプロデュースされた別のカフェにいらしたそうです。しかもグレンさんの奥様は福島県いわきのご出身。その周辺にも何度か行かれたそうです。また、東北の方々が避難されていた味の素スタジアム(東京・調布市)にも震災直後にボランティアに行きました。

His cafe opened last June. Glen asked the manager of TARU if he could serve a manager’s curried rice to evacuees for free. He said yes.
Glen wants evacuees to relax with a delicious curry meal, a cup of coffee and old black & white cinemas at a laid-back 60 year-old cafe.





<Caffe Il Solito>
B1 6-11-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
*On Trip Adviser; 

そんなグレンさんが経営するカフェ「Il Solito」。銀座にお越しの際は是非足を運び、大都会の中のスローライフを満喫されてみてはいかがでしょうか。このプロジェクトを今後も継続できるようにするためにも、ぜひ特製カレーと特製コーヒーを味わってみてください。

Then the special concert will be brought to you by Glen on March 30 (Fri)! It’s called “Haru No Ibuki (A Breath of Spring) which will be held in Ginza Oji Hall. He will play the guitar, percussion etc. with wonderful performers so don’t miss it!
See  for details.

3月30日(金)夜7時より、銀座の王子ホールで”春のいぶき”と題したコンサートが行われます。目玉はモンゴルの”馬頭琴”を演奏するセーンジャーさん、そして女優の秋吉久美子さんの語りですが、グレンさんもギターやパーカッションで参加します。詳しくは をご覧下さい。


Also we have to tell you something.
This program, which has been broadcasted since April 2010, will end on March 31, 2012 (*It’s rerun will be aired on April 5). Thank you very much for you all who’ve supported the program!
We still have two more sessions. Next week we’ll call a big fan of My Eyes Tokyo, so don’t miss it!




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