Alone on the 45th Floor During the Big Earthquake (Part 2)

We invited Tasnoova Tahia to the studio again and talked about information which is needed by foreigners in the time of disaster. How did Bangladeshi woman, who had a 3.11 big earthquake on the 45th floor of a high-rise apartment in Toyosu, collect information during the earthquake? Which kind of information did she need at that time? Scroll to the bottom to listen to her voice!

She is an instructor of a cooking school called “Niki’s Kitchen”. Her class was cancelled due to the earthquake but it’ll resume around mid-May. If you want to know about her cooking lesson, click here!

Ginza Flower Carpet has been cancelled due to the earthquake.

Ginza Flower Carpet (2010)

It has been held on April 29 (“Showa Day” since 2007. It used to be the “Greenery Day) every year. But unfortunately, they’ll have no flower carpet this year.

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