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人と向き合う(Respect each other)


Today we talked with Sibylle Ito from Switzerland again. Its theme was the “international marriage”.
She got married with a Japanese guy but in Japan, international marriage is still unusual even though the number of mixed couples has been increasing. That’s the reason we took it up as a theme.

Before starting to talk about that issue, Ito showed us this article; http://www.japanstyle.info/?p=5325 (“Japanese Men are Too Shy”)
She was angry about it because they seemed to judge Japanese men by their own standard. She wondered if those women respected their attitudes or sense of value.
She emphasized that it would be very important for especially mixed couples to confront each other in person and to respect their cultures each other.

Ito said, “Whichever international marriage or other kinds of marriages, marriage is marriage.” Because she originally thinks of any person as a human being.



*ちなみに、この記事です→ http://www.japanstyle.info/?p=5325(英語)




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Home > 未分類 > 人と向き合う(Respect each other)

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