板前さん、全員女性!(Sushi made by women)

I don’t know why, but mostly sushi chefs are men. Women work at sushi restaurants but they are waitresses or cashiers. So almost all of those who make sushi are men.
However there is a restaurant which defy the common wisdom of sushi. It’s called “Nadeshico Sushi” which opened in Akihabara on October 1, 2010. “Nadeshico (Nadeshiko)” is originally a kind of flower and it has become a compliment to the beauty of Japanese women. So the name of Nadeshico Sushi represents that beautiful women make sushi.


It’s along the Kanda-Myojin Street, near JR Akihabara Station. Nadeshico Sushi is located on the second floor of a building which has a crane machine hall downstairs (red sign).


Actually girls are over the counter! 確かに、カウンターの向こう側に女性が!

Her name is Rie, a sushi chef who’s been working there for about 3 months since it opened. I tried sushi which made by a girl for the first time in life. Sushi rice was a little bit warm, at body temperature.

I forgot to take photos of sushi so I borrowed some from Nadeshico Sushi. Sushi dishes that were made by girls are like a picture below!

It’s called “Omakase” (Dishes of the chef’s choice) and available at ¥3,000. Of course you can order just one sushi. A master chef (male) who used to work at a luxury sushi restaurant prepares fish, rice and other ingredients.


Kazuya Nishikiori, a producer of “Nadeshico Sushi”. He lamented over the bad employment conditions for women and wanted to create jobs for them. He had an eye on sushi making because there was no female sushi chef in Japan. He thought that there is much room for women to edge into the sushi world. That’s the reason Nishikiori opened a female sushi restaurant.


And we had one more guest. Yan Yi fei (Rebecca), a beautiful and intelligent woman from China. She works at Nadeshico Sushi and can speak 3 languages such as Chinese, English and Japanese!


*Yan, at right in photo. 右が閻さん (Nov.1, 2010 2010年11月1日)
I met her for the first time in last November at the sushi restaurant. They opened a sushi making class and she was welcoming some foreigners. I saw her talking to them in English and I thought that she must be a Japanese fluent speaker of English. But someone told me that she is Chinese! I was really surprised at it because she was talking to her coworkers in fluent Japanese.


There’re many women gifted with both wits and beauty at the restaurant. Enjoy wonderful sushi dishes and talking with beautiful sushi chefs!


If you want to learn more about Nadeshico Sushi, watch this! *from 4’20” until 7’05

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