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被災地にカレーを!(From Sri Lanka with love)


A buffet curry lunch at “Randiwa”. 「ランディワ」の食べ放題カレー。

Today we had no guest. Instead of that, we read an essay from a Sri Lankan man, who visited shelters in Fukushima with tons of curry meals. He went there with people from Sri Lanka and delivered curry and rice to evacuees. Curry meals were made at a Sri Lankan restaurant in Ibaraki called “Randiwa”. Why did he decide to visit the shelters? How did he feel there?
Also he told us what he thinks about news articles regarding radiation fallout. Listen to his voice via podcast below!

*Note: This Sri Lankan says that the death toll from the earthquake which hit Sri Lanka in 2004 has reached 800,000. But according to the data, 35,322 dead, 16,637 wounded, 5,637 went missing and 830,000 lost houses in the country.

今週はゲスト不在のMy Eyes Tokyoでした。いえ、本当はお呼びしたかったんです。だけどまずその方が、ここから大分離れた茨城県在住であること、そして顔も名前も声もメディアに載せたくないとの理由により、私たちが代わりに彼らの思いをお伝えいたしました。


You can see photos of their activities in Fukushima ←彼らの活動を写した写真はこちらで!
*Photos by Katsutoshi Ito(撮影:伊藤勝敏さん)

“Let’s Enjoy Children’s Day!” at Chuo-ku International Exchange Salon will be held from 1:30PM
on May 14 (Sat)! For more details, see http://www.chuo-ci.jp/en/pdf/salon_e.pdf

「こどもの日を楽しもう!」@中央区国際交流サロン 2011年5月14日(土)午後1時半〜
詳しくは http://www.chuo-ci.jp/pdf/salon/salon_j.pdf をご覧下さい。

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My Eyes Tokyoの本が出版されています

My Eyes Tokyo マイ・アイズ・トウキョウ My Eyes Tokyoの主催者 徳橋功さんの本です。My Eyes Tokyoのサイトには掲載されていないインタビューもあります。ぜひご覧下さい。
Theme song
"Good News" by Nothing Ever Lasts Nothing Ever Lasts is a 3-piece band which was formed around Nel, a Japan-based American singer songwriter.*Interview with Nel
日本語で歌うアメリカ人シンガーソングライター”音流(ネル)”率いるNothing Ever Lastsが贈る応援歌。*詳細

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